How i learned to love football felisa rogers

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Inshe attended the organizing conference of the United Nations. A copy of the report, which contains the annual crime statistics report, is available online in the current Northwest Bulletin or on the Northwest website www. Mar 27,  · Felisa Rogers grew up hating all sports and would ignore what people said about sports.

Finally she learned from her husband to love sports and what it could do to people. While she and her husband were on the verge of becoming broke, she learned that sports were keeping her husband happy and it became something. For those days when you just gotta have something cake.

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Just don't eat the whole thing in. Sara Marattas’ love for hockey sports in general learned to love it at an early age. Whereas Felisa Rogers’ hated sports at an early age and into high school and into college and beyond.

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In Felisa Rogers' "How I Learned to Love Football", Rogers explains her journey of her relationship with football through the relationship she had with her husband.

How i learned to love football felisa rogers
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