Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more effcitive effective and sucessful

The efficiency and effectiveness of dynamic pricing can get Nike capture more consumer surplus this means more profit for the company. This means that the supplier can instantly dispatch the delivery and the quicker Nike receive the delivery the quicker they can produce products to sell.

Qatar airways can also make use of web analytics; this will give the business a collection of internet data showing how many people viewed the website and further detail. This automatically creates a huge effect as the consumer is satisfied and provided a service that is hassle free and simple to use.

This is only possible online because offline you cannot customise in bulk and it is expensive to do as well. Target market attention internet marketing has helped the business to become one of the best and most powerful organisations.

People efficiencies for Nike form internet marketing are that with internet marketing all the customers can be served at once which reduces in store traffic, this efficiency of saving customers time makes them buy online reducing the head count for the business and making Nike efficient cost wise.

Meeting the supply chain expectation is a challenge because customers expect more from Nike regarding delivery and return policy. Most of communication will be done through internet. Avoid resits With summaries written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams. The effect the card has, is that a lot more people choose to travel with easyjet because of the easiness.

Manu customers are shopping online these days, business operating online have many benefits from doing so. It is cost effective as emails etc.

This will involve a greater depth of understanding of internet marketing as offline activities form the basis for greater individualisation of market attention and offer opportunities for elements of the marketing mix to be exploited differently, as with dynamic pricing.

Benefits of globalisation are opportunity costs, trade terms, balance trades, comparative advantages, changes in consumption and production, and how much cheaper it is to purchase than to produce. SEO can be a challenge because if these catchphrases are on top of the list when type in it means that the company is not getting enough recognition from customers.

Also with online search engines, this would be efficient as domains such as Google charge per click and this is 0. The benefit of Nike is that more customers can have their name personalised on a pair of trainers it is easier to do it online as it will take them a minimum of 30 minutes whereas when they have to do it offline it will take time to process and it will be done after working hours.

Adidas benefit from personalisation is that personalisation allows the firm to create a better communication and relationships with the customers and make them come back regularly. Online advertising is cheaper and more convenient to reach a wider target audience. This however may not have been possible in an airline office as each customer would have been dealt with separately, so therefore it is made efficient with people.

So it is a lot easier to travel with easyjet than other airlines. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls lie and what the key elements will be to your success in that module.

Unit 12 Internet Market

This also maintains a good relationship from the business to the customer CRM. Payments are handled through a secure TLS-Connection so your information is always well protected. People who need a reliable airline because they need to be on time.

Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. For service business this offer high advantages as clients with internet access can use the service any time, anywhere. Earn while you study Have you written lots of lecture summaries or notes.

Earn hundreds of pounds each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. Another disadvantage of having a website is bad publicity, If a customer is unhappy wit the previously products purchased they may feel the need to write their frustration online and refer the company website.

As internet penetration increases and more business uses online strategy the web will become the accepted method for marketers. Nike customers expect a higher level of reliability, convenience and speed.

The efficiency that internet marketing has within the physical evidence of Qatar Airways is the actual business website which is a form of evidence, saving time and costs for people rather than having to visit a local office of the Qatar airways.

P5-Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. Description of the benefits and opportunities to Littlewoods of using Internet Marketing within the Marketing Mix. Explanation of how Internet Marketing has made Littlewoods more efficient, effective and successful.

The amount of people that Littlewoods have in the business is good because they do not need as many staff because the.

P5: Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. Teacher BTEC M.T van Riessen Deltion College Zwolle Also internet marketing has offered effectiveness in making fewer errors as if orders are placed over the phone errors maybe made in listening or even the wrong product can be ordered with internet marketing the product can be viewed and selected and also the amount of.

(P5) explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful Level 3 Business Internet Marketing Coursework BTEC Preview 1 out of 2 pages.

Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more effcitive effective and sucessful
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Internet Marketing Unit 12