Analysis of a primary source olympia

Inthe Salon jury rejected Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe along with another submissions, causing such an uproar that Emperor Napoleon III organized a new exhibition - called the Salon des Refuses Exhibition of Rejected Art - to allow the public to judge them for themselves.

What do you know about the author. Modern-day New York artist Mike Bidlo bases his artwork on past masterpieces as well. While the confrontational gaze of Olympia is often referenced as the pinnacle of defiance toward patriarchy, the oppositional gaze of Olympia's maid is ignored; she is part of the background with little to no attention given to the critical role of her presence.

Because Olympia is no classical goddess or mythological nymph from the pages of Ovid - Olympia is a 19th century Parisian prostitute.

What additional information would you need to know in order to deepen your understanding of the ideas expressed in the source. Although I think it is important to note that if it is true that the Nazi party had a great hand in the film, which I find highly likely, that Olympia does serve in some aspects as propaganda.

The Library guide for this course will have other good collections to search. Review your notes from earlier in the term about things to think about when reading and describing primary sources. The Shock of the Nude explores the power of the nude, Manet's use of the subject in Olympia, and how his century-old struggle affects the work of contemporary artists like a New York artist who recreates Olympia in the film.

If a unit in a particular area is already engaged when another request is received response time is increased. Your source should be relatively brief no more than pages, or perhaps a chapter from a bookbut long enough and sufficiently detailed so that you can meaningfully describe and contextualize it.

Riefenstahl includes a scene in the film where birds take flight in the Olympic ceremony at the stadium.

Leni Riefenstahl’s “Olympia”: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda?

His appearance is rather brief and does not hold any emotional and physical depth. Who were the audiences. In order to analyze a primary source you need information about two things: At least, this is the fantasy Manet's servant figure may well have aroused in the male spectator of Personally I noted many shots where the director would zoom in on the athletes stretching their limbs before winning medals.

Although he succeeded in his goal to change the face of French painting, Manet was devastated by the merciless criticism.

Straight to the Source: A Primary Source Analysis Guide

What questions can this source NOT help you answer. At the foot of the bed is a black cat, while a negro servant is shown bringing her a bouquet of flowers.

Explanation of Other French Paintings.

Analysis of a Primary Source Olympia

And a courtesan lying naked on a bed had the cold and prosaic reality of a truly low-minded subject. Primary sources personalize history and provide students varying perspectives of an event or time period.

What influences this indicator. Below I have listed a few of my personal peccadilloes about style and grammar. To support students in this process, I provide them with fill-in-the-blank prompts to concisely state the central idea.

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See this brief explanation of bibliography mining if you are unfamiliar with this technique. Was Riefenstahl so absorbed in her documentary work that the surrounding Nazi politics escaped her.

Given his interest in the Spanish School, it is almost certain that Manet borrowed from this work. The objections to Olympia had more to do with the realism of the subject matter than the fact that the model was nude. Was it written on fancy paper in elegant handwriting, or on scrap-paper, scribbled in pencil.

Interestingly enough others argue that Riefenstahl had complete artistic freedom. Manet's Olympia is written and produced by Richard P. Another visual theme of Olympia that I noted whilst watching is the concept of freedom.

As expected, Manet was vilified by Salon-goers.

Olympia glorifies the strong, healthy and young and celebrates elite physical fitness and perfection. Another visual theme of Olympia that I noted whilst watching is the concept of freedom. Riefenstahl includes a scene in the film where birds take flight in the Olympic ceremony at the stadium.

Olympia was modelled by Victorine Meurent and Olympia's servant by the art model Laure. Olympia's confrontational gaze caused shock and astonishment when the painting was first exhibited because a number of details in the picture identified her as a prostitute.

Primary Source Analysis In order to determine the validity of a source, to prove it is a primary source and not a secondary source, one must look at several things.

There are many aspects about it.

Individual Choice Primary Source Assignment

“Olympia,” arguably one of the greatest sports films ever produced, may have also been an effective propaganda tool that promoted National Socialism as a model form of government. Aug 29,  · How to Analyze a Primary Source.

A primary source is a first-hand account an event. Examples include newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, sketches, music, and court case records. Historians, students, and professional researchers 79%(67). and analysis methods described in the Work Plan (Anchor QEA a).

and potential ongoing sources of contamination. A bay-wide assessment of sediment quality Port of Olympia Source Control Investigation 6 • Solid accumulation rates were confirmed to .

Analysis of a primary source olympia
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Leni Riefenstahl’s “Olympia”: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda? – The Sport Journal